Financial Independence

An education gives you the opportunity to succeed in life… a financial education will equip you to transform this success to wealth.

Wealthy people achieve their financial goals by applying a different set of rules from the rest of society. This financial education course has been developed by Boston City Campus together with The Money School to provide all South Africans with a financial advantage for life, and is open for everybody – whether you are a student who has never worked before or whether you’ve been earning money for a long time.

Financial Independence


8 Hours

Boston City Campus strongly believes that personal financial skills are essential for navigating life’s economic challenges with confidence and care, therefore, this short course is offered FREE of charge.

Core Lessons

  • Building wealth – A game plan to be worth more as you earn more
  • Financial momentum – How the rich get richer and the middle class get poorer
  • Dumping debt – Why it accumulates so quickly and how to get rid of it
  • Spend management – Easy to follow strategies for financial success
  • Your future – Living with financial purpose

This programme is offered by Boston City Campus in the distance mode of education with support provided at Learner Support Centres. Apply to register at any Boston City Campus Learner Support Centre nationwide.

All modules are compulsory and must be passed.

  • Understanding of how wealthy people think, act and behave with their money
  • Avoidance of a life of debt by knowing how lenders operate and market to you
  • A household-spending plan that works
  • Using your job to build wealth, and not simply live payday to payday
  • Recognising a real opportunity from a genuine risk to your money (Vula Amehlo)
  • Learning how to get rid of stressful debt – for good!
  • Simple-to-apply money management skills
  • Learning how to set, plan and achieve your life goals
  • Improving your financial relationships at home

Up until now, most working adults have been denied this type of education and spend most of their income trying to keep up with their debt repayment mistakes they made earlier on in life. This is a proven recipe for disaster and is the reason we are so proud to offer you this opportunity to equip yourself with this vital short course in money matters.

“From our experience a consumer will either deliberately learn how to become a wealth builder or society will teach them to become a debt builder” Money Coach at The Money School


On successful completion the Learner will be issued a Boston Short learning Programme Money School Financial Independence Short Course