Why earn a Digital Credential Badge?

A Boston Digital Credential Badge represents recognisable competences gained through a variety of experiences, regardless of your age or background. It allows you to follow your interests and passions and unlock opportunities in life and work by standing out from the crowd. Nowadays, most employers expect their employees to continually seek out further learning opportunities. A Boston Digital-Credential Badge offers students and working adults alike a way to enhance their CV’s with field-specific skills.

Boston creates and issues Badges for you to earn, enabling you to build up your own unique collection and share them across the web and with employers. Each Badge you earn contains data about your newly acquired skills. This data can be viewed when you display and share your Badges, helping people find out more about you and your skills.

Where can you share your badges

Tell the full story of your achievements and share your badges online! You select where and with whom you would like to share these:

  • Blogs, websites, e-Portfolios, and professional networks
  • CV’s and Job applications
  • Social media sites such as X(formerly Twitter), Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Even in your email signature!