Career Compass

What should I study?

Boston City Campus offers you Career Compass, an online assessment designed to help you find the right career for you. Considering the time and financial investment involved, it is important to match your interest with the right skills and studies.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, Career Compass is available to you at no cost or obligation.

Why not give it a try now? Invest 25 minutes in giving yourself the gift of a happy working life.

Career Compass

Career Compass differs from an accredited Aptitude Assessment. It is a short, high-tech, evaluation that provides insights into your ideal career based on your interests. When it comes to finding a job you’ll enjoy, you need to consider factors beyond employment opportunities and salary. You also need to think about what kinds of jobs and work environments fit with you, and will provide you with the most satisfaction in both the short and long term. It will help you explore topics such as whether:

  • You’d prefer to work with numbers, or people, or alone, or as a member of a team
  • You’re creative and would like to use that in your work life. Or whether you’d like to enter the working world as a technician, web designer, programmer, or administrator
  • You’d prefer to work regular office hours or extended hours

The answers to these, and other important questions will help guide you towards your ideal study programme and career path.

The results are presented in a graph, ranking the most suitable career options based on your interests. Many candidates have found this graph helpful in narrowing down their ideas and making decisions about their future careers.

A follow-up personal chat is excellent for clarification, so you can opt to send your Career Profile to your chosen Boston Support Centre and request a call-back, simply by registering on the system. This is also free and comes with no obligation.

Why not give it a try now? Click here and invest 25 minutes in giving yourself the gift of a happy working life.