Employment Readiness Programme

Employment readiness refers to a person’s preparedness and ability to successfully enter and thrive in the workforce.

Secure your first position in the business world. Find out what you need to know and do to make your job search easier and more successful, with the tools and knowledge needed to secure and maintain employment.

Employment Readiness Programme


14 Days

Entry Requirements

Open entry.

This programme is offered by Boston City Campus in the distance mode of education with support provided at Learner Support Centres. Apply to register at any Boston City Campus Learner Support Centre nationwide.

All modules are compulsory and must be passed.

  • Employment Readiness Programme
  • Ability to understand personal marketing
  • Ability to understand the sales process
  • Ability to supply the right product to the labour market
  • Education and training
  • Ability to link your education and training to your occupation
  • Ability to use your personality to influence prices, places, and people
  • Ability to demonstrate the right attitudes to prospective employers
  • Ability to develop powerful emotional intelligence
  • Ability to understand the quality of labour demanded by employers
  • Ability to develop and implement your personal product strategy
  • Ability to ask for the right salary
  • Ability to find sources of remuneration information
  • Ability to develop and implement your personal pricing strategy
  • Ability to find the right organisation to satisfy your career needs
  • Ability to understand business organisations
  • Ability to understand jobs, job requirements and job profiles
  • Ability to understand work environments and conditions of employment
  • Ability to communicate and sell your way into the right job
  • Personal marketing communications and promotions
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Interviews


On successful completion the Learner will be issued a Boston Short Learning Programme Employment Readiness Programme