What is an NQF Level?

Picture a staircase. On completion of your National Senior Certificate, you have made it to the 4th step (NQF Level 4)
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What is an endorsement and how does it affect me?
There are 4-types of national senior certificates passes, and your results will determine which you receive.
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The higher your pass, the shorter your path. There are no shortcuts.
Does Boston work on a points system for entry?

No school leaver should consider themselves as excluded from post-matric learning. The limit is self-imposed by you as an individual. Nowadays, there is no such things as ‘I did not obtain enough points, or I didn’t obtain a good enough pass’. All is not lost.

Boston City Campus does not use a points system for entry.

What if I don’t get the endorsement to study my chosen qualification?

Boston City Campus is serious about education, and serious about you. Therefore, we have designed learning pathways, which allow each and every learner, no matter what their endorsement, to get to where they want to go.
To support your study decision, a typical learning pathway is depicted in the diagram below:
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How do I know if the qualification I am applying for is registered?

All higher education institutions, both public and private, in South Africa, are required, by law, to offer only higher education qualifications that are accredited by the Council on Higher Education.

If you are concerned about a higher education qualification, head to the SAQA website and search the SAQA ID.
If it is not there, beware.