Nano-Credential Badges

A Boston Digital-Credential Badge indicates that you have acquired valuable skills from various experiences, regardless of age or background. It enables you pursue your interests and differentiate yourself in both personal and professional contexts.

Boston creates and issues Badges for you to earn, enabling you to build up your own unique collection and share them across the web and with employers.

Nano-Credentials are short and focused learning experiences, like a lesson within a particular subject area.

Digital Learning Programme


4-6 weeks (full-time) up to 11 months (part-time)

Entry Requirements

Open entry.

Choose your desired level of proficiency or competency:

  • Knowledge Master – pass a theory test and earn the Boston Knowledge Master Badge
  • Application Guru – complete a practical assignment and earn the Boston Application Guru Badge
  • Specialist Practitioner – display application of knowledge in a work setting by submitting workplace evidence and earn the Boston Specialist Practitioner Badge.

Choose ANY ONE of the Boston Nano-Credential Badges below:

  • Advertising Basics (SAVD1181)
  • Basic Accounting Basics (SBAC1181)
  • Brand Management Basics (SBRD1181)
  • Database (MSA1181)*
  • Event Management Basics (SEVM1181)
  • Fundamentals of Applied Psychology (SAPS1181)
  • Fundamentals of Business Management (SBMN1181)
  • Getting Started with Project Management 1(SBAC1181)
  • Getting to Know Social Media (SYFT1181)
  • Consumer Buyer Behaviour in Practice (SCBB1181)
  • Marketing Research (HMKR1181)
  • Hospitality Management in Practice (SHMP1181)
  • Human Resource Management and Functions (SHRF1181)
  • Industrial Psychology – An Introduction (SIND1181)
  • Introducing Entrepreneurship (SENT1181)
  • Introducing Socio-economics (SSEC1181)
  • Introduction to Counselling (SCOU1181)
  • Introduction to HIV Counselling (SHIVC1181)
  • Introduction to Java (SSYD1171)
  • Introduction to Marketing Management (SMKT1181)
  • Introduction to PC (IPC171)
  • Presentation Graphics (PWP171)
  • Principles of Commercial Law (SCM1181)
  • Principles of Procurement and Supply Chain (SPPS1181)
  • Sales and Promotions Practice (SPPS1181)
  • Sexuality and HIV Education – An Introduction (SSHE1181)
  • Spreadsheets (EX1171)
  • Spreadsheets Advanced (EX2171)
  • The Bookkeeping Cycle (SBTB1181)
  • Windows (WIN171)
  • Word Processing (MSW1171)
  • Word Processing Advanced (MSW2171)

Assessment strategies are dependent on your chosen proficiency/competency level. The include a theory test, a practical assignment and/or workplace evidence.

Please request the Fact Sheet for additional, detailed Digital-Credential Micro Badge information.

On successful completion the Learner will be issued a Boston Digital Micro-Credential Badge Knowledge Master in the respective Domain/Specified Field chosen form the list above.