Boston City Campus

Graduate Support Services

Graduate Support Services

Boston City Campus is committed to education and committed to both our current and past students. Thus we have introduced ‘Graduate Support Services’ – a range of free services for all Boston Graduates in the first year after graduating.

We are confident that these services will enhance our graduates’ journey into the world of work by giving them the tools needed to market themselves more confidently and to be more effective in seeking employment.

These services are offered to Boston graduates who have completed any of the following: a Boston Short Learning Programme, National Certificate, Higher Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, and Postgraduate Diploma.

Boston Graduate Support Services is proud to offer the following services as a value-add benefit to our graduates:

  • A free online ‘Work Readiness’ Course which includes, amongst other topics: how to prepare a professional Curriculum Vitae (CV), how to prepare a winning cover letter, how to effectively market yourself, job-hunting and interview tips etc.
  • Graduates who successfully complete the Boston Work Readiness Course will be added to the Boston Graduate Support Services Database
  • Boston Graduate Support Services will link relevant graduates in the Boston Graduate Support Services Database with organizations seeking graduates for internship or employment, where applicable and possible.

Important Notes:

  • The focus of this service is to assist unemployed graduates to enter the workplace/obtain experience, and not to assist employed graduates find alternative employment/promotions.

These Graduate Support Services will be available for a maximum period of twelve months from the date of first registering for this support.