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With 20-20 vision, Boston is building!

With 20-20 vision, Boston is building!

We all used to use a term about 20-20 vision, seeing with perfect clarity. There is no person who could have foreseen what 2020 would bring to our world, nor could have anticipated the havoc that would reign through our world and the changes that would need to be made. Who would believe that you would not be allowed to enter a bank without a mask?

Having always been leaders in adapting to the needs of the student and corporate and industry, Boston City Campus moved seamlessly into a complete digital educational offering for students including application, registration, academic material and even examinations. Students continued their year uninterrupted, achieving academic goals, including graduation.

What we can say with certainty and clarity, is that further education is essential in order to ensure a successful career and future for school leavers. While the pandemic caused economic chaos, it also opened up many opportunities that will enable people with the appropriate skills to prosper, and to enrich their communities. The new buzzwords of adaptability, flexibility, creativity and leadership are no longer buzzwords but essential skills for business owners and for employees wishing to assist their companies to become profitable. Stories such as those of a pizza restaurant who, when forced to close, used their ovens to make face shields from plastics, thereby keeping their employees with salaries and the business profitable, are learning experiences for every business.

In this environment, Boston has clarity that there are opportunities, and that we need to continue to invest in South Arica and her people to train them to take advantage of all offerings, in order to grow communities, and to develop themselves into successful employers and employees.  It is with great excitement that we moved into our new premises in Polokwane, newly renovated, high tech and ready to get on with the business of upskilling the youth of South Africa.

Sewela e1604481850309Says branch manager Sewela Shikweni, “while we recognise the advantages of studying anywhere anytime, we have seen that after 7 months students miss being on campus, miss peer discussions and socialising (even with social distancing and masks) and sometimes need to feel like a ‘normal’ varsity student. We are thrilled to be able to offer all students now a safe and beautiful space to study and see friends. And of course, the continued opportunity to study from home as well. A blended approach to academia that is necessary for our students.  The opening of these new premises shows the absolute faith we have in South Africa and the development of the next generation of leaders and income producers”.

Sewela continues that “at a time when no one is really investing in physical infrastructure, Boston is positive about current and future growth and the need for skills development. Boston is not only positive but excited about the future of South Africa!”

Visit our new premises 18 Thabo Mbeki Street (Opposite Absa Bank in Landros Mare Street)

Visit www.boston.ac.za.



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