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This week we’re interviewing Leza Soldaat, Academic & Quality Manager of the Bachelor of Social Science at Boston

Leza Soldaat - Academic Quality Manager at Boston City CampusHello, My name is Leza Soldaat and I am the Academic & Quality Manager of the Bachelor of Social Science At Boston.

Social Science is an exciting field of study that helps us makes sense of the complex world we inhabit. In so doing, this field of study enables us to envision new possibilities for a better, more equitable human society. Boston’s Bachelor of Social Sciences develops students with the necessary critical thinking skills to become both agents of change and influencers within a wide range of industries on local, national and global stages. Students are exposed to the following subjects: Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Public Administration and Economics and Management Sciences.

The purpose of the qualification is to ensure that graduates are equipped with the knowledge, theory and methodology of the important disciplines in sociology, anthropology and psychology to enable them to demonstrate initiative and responsibility in a professional or academic context where application of the principles and theory are emphasised as a basis for entry into the labour market, professional training, Postgraduate study, or professional practice in a wide range of careers within civil society, the public or private sectors.

The challenges facing Africa in the twenty-first century demands a new generation of graduates who will think in fresh and innovative ways about the common good as both an economically sustainable and socially viable objective. Prospective students who are energised by the many possibilities for making a difference in society will find the BSocSci intellectually stimulating and practically robust. With a deep understanding of human society and social relationships in all their complexity, graduates will be able to make sense of a range of critical topics as part of a broader conversation about improving the quality of life and economic viability.

The breadth and depth of learning achieved by graduates reflect a broad repertoire of skill- and knowledge-sets consisting of principles, theoretical engagement and levels of intellectual independence characteristic of a first Bachelor’s Degree within the Social Sciences and Humanities, facilitating access to the world of work and promotes critical and analytical citizenship. For a rapidly evolving and growing nation, this qualification forms part of the increase in the provision of graduates with higher order capabilities to grow the economy, to advance social transformation, and to remain regionally relevant and globally competitive.

The qualification also provides exciting career opportunities within Government Departments and NGO’s/NPO’s, Communications and Public Relations, Media and Advertising, Health Provision, Community Services, Consultancy Firms, Education and Management, for example:
• Research or Social Planning
• Market Research and Analysis
• Communication Practitioners
• Community Development Practitioner
• Civil Servant
• Political Official
• Policy Researcher
• Ethics And Governance Officer
• Activist, Special Interest Consultant or Lobbyist
• Junior Anthropologist
• Correctional Officer
• Public Relations Person
• Organisational or Human Resource Planner
• Gender Equality/Equity Consultant

The Bachelor of Social Science is a response to the critical and scarce skills demand lists published annually in South Africa wherein the demand for competent individuals who can: critically assess and present information in written and oral forms; structure and present logical arguments; analyse material and opinions; reach informed decisions; work autonomously and collaboratively; accept leadership for self and others; display organisational and programme/project management capabilities across all sectors in society. The current and future need for competent middle and senior level professionals has been expressed by employers and employees.

See www.boston.ac.za, call 011 551 2000.

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