The career for now and the future

The career for now and the future

An interesting point of view from model and graduate  – Andries Marakalala!

Andries MarakalalaAndries Marakalala is an IT technician at Boston City Campus, he is part of the head office troubleshooting team! We caught up with him to find out what makes him tick, and why he chose IT as a profession. “I’ve always been truly interested in how technology works, especially how quickly it is developing, which is why I decided to do ICT. Plus, I was well advised by my mentor while I was still in college, and ICT appeared to have high job satisfaction and excellent long-term possibilities for professional progression. I therefore believed that this career suited both my personal interests and professional objectives”, says Andries.

He started off with formal training in IT, including: Technical Workshops (Basics troubleshooting)

I.T Networking Workshops (Installing cables. Configuring Switches) which he studies at Boston.  On day to day basis you will find him putting these skills into practice as he finds himself, “Responsible for installing, maintaining, and fixing hardware and software. support via remote access or site visits as necessary”. So you can see that ICT is not really a desk job, especially not in a nationally based organisation.

Aside from being on the go and with people, Andries loves “Sharing my knowledge and abilities with those in need gives me a wonderful sense of satisfaction, there is always something new to explore and something new to learn”.  And what does he enjoy the least in his job? “There are times when the job can be very repetitive “.

On an average day he is kept on the go with these tasks:

  • Responding to emails
  • Resolving tickets
  • Answering calls

So what does he believe are the most important traits to have to be successful in this job?

  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Good communication skills

In trying to describe his job in one sentence , Andries says, “Setting up workstations with computers and required peripherals, ensuring the operation of computer hardware

installing and setting up the right software and functionalities in accordance with the requirements.” That’s quite a job description, and shows the tenacity ad perseverance you will need in ICT fro problem solving and continued growth and learning. According to Andries , this is very much a career where you nee both formal training as well as good practical experience. “I recommend the Boston qualifications of : Diploma in Network Systems , Networking Technician and Security Analyst”.

Personality-wise, Andries feels that you need to :

  • Be able to adapt to a changing work environment
  • Having good communication skills
  • Ability to work with your hands for repairs and installations.

The nature of people needing their ICT up and running NOW has created on the job challenges for Andries. “ Working under pressure, particularly when a deadline is involved” is a challenge for him.

Andries has advice for grade 11 and grade 12 learners. “Always do your research first. A career in information technology only makes sense if you are interested by computers. Every day will be an opportunity for interesting activities, and you might be amazed by the ways in which technology is used in various fields.” And you have to be prepared for lifelong learning. “Considering how 4IR is expanding, it goes without saying that you must stay current with technology and continue to learn new things.”

Andries ends with a recommendation for studies at Boston. “My IT career began at Boston Braamfontein, where I had the best experience. I then had to relocate to Boston Orange Grove, where I had to meet a lot of people and make friends – some of whom are still close friends of mine. Orange Grove extended a very good welcome to me, showing me a lot of care and love from the staff. I had to develop my independence and my capacity for self-reliance. I would suggest both branches to anyone interested in studying at Boston City Campus. Trust me, they will make you feel at home, and their friendliness is simply outstanding!”