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The Boston name remains best in the business of education

The Boston name remains best in the business of education.

Dr Hendrik Botha Head of Institution

The Boston Brand is always associated with quality and accredited education. This quality follows you and opens doors to employment opportunities and further Higher Education studies, both internationally and globally.  As part of our drive to bring you new global liaison and accreditations, as well as more local accredited degrees and Higher Education, we have rebranded to a sleek and slimmer sign-off and logo! Boston City Campus & Business College is now officially known and trading as Boston City Campus.

Says Head of Institution, Dr. Hendrik Botha: “While this does not affect the education, and in turn our learners, in an academic way, it does play a part in our mission to always be improving the way we seek to serve. We have simplified the brand name, streamlining how we are referred to in the media and in accreditation. The ‘Business College’ is part of our roots and formed the drive to improve our quality, accreditation, and mission to produce workplace-ready graduates. We have now moved into an arena where to remain competitive and relevant, we believe our graduates wish to be part of an institution that specializes in a broad range of Higher Education qualifications”.

The new name reflects our ethos of focusing on quality and keeping communication clear! “Historically, this name evolved as a merger of two Boston Brands, but it became a mouthful. We are often referred to as Boston City Campus. We have now made it official so that all communication and accreditations will meet with policies and procedural regulations, says Dr. Botha. Boston’s mission to provide quality and relevant education and training to all learners remains unchanged.

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