The top in demand jobs in South Africa

The Top in Demand jobs in South Africa

Covid-19 has accelerated the digitization of 4IR, bringing with it an increased demand for tech related jobs and the emergence of new jobs resulting from pandemic induced changes in our lives and the workplace.  This has resulted in a double disruption scenario for workers who have to deal with the combined impact of these new demands.

 LinkedIn Weighs in on Most in-demand jobs

According to LinkedIn, tech roles continue to be in high demand to meet the workplace digital transformation catalysed by the health crisis. This has seen a rise in demand for web development and engineering roles related as businesses develop further infrastructure to accommodate remote working, while meeting the increased demand of online shopping.

With vaccine distribution, LinkedIn data has seen a significant spike in the need for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and nurses

The roles with the most LinkedIn job posts (February 2021) are software engineers, followed by registered nurses, salespeople, project managers, food delivery drivers, full stack engineers, animal groomers, javascript developers, devOps engineers and account managers. While these jobs provide insight into the impact of the pandemic on the workforce, the demand for these jobs are set to continue in the post-pandemic environment too.

Most in-demand jobs in SA

Locally, according to the latest CareerJunction Index, South Africa mirrors the LinkedIn job trends.  This has seen a similar uptake in the demand for medical and health professionals, sales, marketing, architecture and engineering over the first few months of this year.

Significant online demand indicates positive employment trends. The IT, business & management and finance sectors are undoubtedly the most sought-after sectors, followed by the sales, admin, office & support and architecture & engineering sectors, among others listed.

Tertiary institution work recruitment programmes

McKinsey reports that consumers have moved dramatically toward online channels, and companies and industries have responded in turn with a rapid shift toward interacting with customers through digital channels.   This is translating into a demand for skills including tech, IT, web development graphic design, cyber security and more.

Despite the slowdown in demand and the record unemployment, there are certain industries which are showing an uptick in demand, with graduates benefitting as a result.

The Work-integrated Learning (WIL) Programme at Boston Media House is part of the work recruitment programme.  WIL is a practical experiential learning programme, where final year students complete 80 working hours as part of their qualification.  In turn this prepares graduates for the workplace.

The work recruitment programme has seen demand growing for final years and graduates for paid internships, providing insight into the current jobs in demand. The main areas are (overwhelmingly) in television, then digital/social media marketing, followed by advertising, and graphic design.   In animation, the demand outweighs supply of available skills.

The demand has 7 companies this year wanting Boston final year students for paid WIL internships, some wanting as many as 10 and 25 students from different courses.

Future of work

Digital adoption has taken a quantum leap of up to 5 years, transforming the jobs which are in demand.

While the automation of the 4IR is set to create a global job loss of as many as 85 million jobs, this will be counteracted by the creation of 97 million new jobs, according to the World Economic Forum.

CareerJunction has seen a lower demand in jobs than 12 months ago indicating the impact of COVID19 related restrictions on the local labour market.  According to Stats SA, the latest unemployment number for the fourth quarter of 2020 show that the unemployment rate has reached  32.5% – the highest since the start of the Quarterly Labour Force Survey in 2008.

However, the adoption and growth of the digital environment means that new roles are developing throughout the world, which in turn means investing in both our students and employees to prevent their redundancy as a result of digital migration of businesses.

As institutions responsible for supplying talent to meet the demands of the workplace, tertiary recruitment programmes can play a significant role in transforming the employment crisis by bridging digital gaps, boosting the economy and helping to facilitate employment opportunities to reduce the escalation of South Africa’s current unemployment dilemma.

Carike Verbooy

Boston Joins the war on Covid by resisting fee increase.

Boston Joins the war on Covid by resisting fee increase.

While we recognise that people talk of ‘the new normal’ Boston does not believe that this life we are now living is normal in any way. Having to avoid physical contact with the ones you love, staying distant from friends family and colleagues, finding new ways to travel, to work and to study, as well as to earn a living – this is new, but it is far from normal.

So what can we as educators do to help our students? Our move in 2019, from attending campus to online learning, application and registration happened seamlessly.  We created new ways to maintain contact with students and lecturers, and to create the feeling that we area team, we all belong, and we are here for you, our students.

As part of our commitment to getting students through the pandemic in an academically successful way, our board has committed to NO FEE INCREASE for the 2021 Semester A. Application and registration happens online, keeping you safe while readying yourself to achieve your goals. The pandemic will create a new world of work, remote shopping, remote learning and remote working, that may extend beyond the life of the virus. For this we must be prepared so that we can take advantage of opportunities to grow in our careers and our earning potential.

We have learned that perhaps we are not as secure as we felt, we may need to put in more effort, become more creative, and notice everyone around us with kindness. In order to overcome the chaos, we need to put plans in place that will give us security of some sorts, an edge over other job seekers, a flair for entrepreneurial activities. One Boston graduate of the travel diploma, Ncumisa Mkabile is now growing spinach and supplying large chain stores!

Ronica Maluleke Ngasama, brand ambassador graduate, recognised the need for deliveries of farm fresh goods, and established a successful business. So now is the time to apply and register for a qualification that will give you business understanding, financial savvy and a solid basis for running your own business in any industry.

Says Dr Hendrik Botha, Head of Institution, “Due to the Covid-19 socioeconomic impact, Boston will not be increasing tuition fees for Semester A 2021 registrations.

Our commitment to continuously expand access to quality higher education is also evident in our “Invest in SA” campaign wherein up to a 33% subsidy is provided for all our Higher Certificate programmes.



At Boston, our core benefits remain unchanged:

  • Textbooks and online learning experiences included.
  • Student Advisors to help keep you motivated and on-track.
  • Full-Time Educators to assist with academic support, tuition planning, student wellness, etc.
  • Online LMS for access to video lectures, teaching & learning, assessments, feedback, etc. available 24/7.
  • Forty-five nationwide Support Centres for access to ICT, study & exam venues, if required.”

While we usually make new year’s resolutions, high and lofty, that fall flat by February, this year we advise our students to live a life of purpose. Instead of resolutions, create intentions. Don’t hold yourself to impossible dreams, but live with the intention of achieving your dreams step by step. In that way they are more attainable. And Boston will be with you to hep you achieve your academic goals, step by step and module by module, our aim is to see you graduate, whether on screen or on a stage. Either way get ready to put your name in lights!

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