Covering everything from copyright law to artist and tour management, licensing and master rights agreements, and collaboration agreements, this course goes deep into every aspect of how to maximise creative talent to generate a living. Copyright law is a complex topic. An artist or manager that understands the basic fundamentals has the knowledge to register and manage works with publishing societies like SAMRO, SAMPRA and CAPASSO, and as you will learn in this course, this is the key to the financial success of any creative. Yet the fact is that copyright law, and understanding how things like master rights, publishing and sync work, is often mis-understood; many great potential careers never reach their full potential because of this.  Whether you are a manager, booking agent, tour manager, publisher or producer, this course lays out essential knowledge and skills to manage your catalogue of works, artists, and business assets effectively.

Download the fact sheet.

  • Artist manager (or Personal brand manager)
  • Artist Agent
  • Entrepreneur
  • Concert Promoter
  • Booking Agent
  • Independent Radio Promoter

 Based on the indicative notional hours of this Short Learning Programme (SLP), the minimum duration is two (2) months. The maximum duration is one (1) year. 

Grade 10 Certificate; or National Certificate: (Vocational) L2; or equivalent qualification. No previous knowledge of music or experience with any musical instrument is required. 

The Academic Calendar outlines the most important dates for the Boston Short Learning Programme and will assist students to plan for success. For more information download the fact sheet.

Visit a Support Centre to complete the registration form. Make sure you bring along all the required supporting documents to the Support Centre.

On completion of the SLP, graduates will have the necessary knowledge and practical skills required to:

  • Produce basic artist management techniques with a focus on building artist brands.
  • Develop knowledge and an understanding of the underlying principles and concepts 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of music business.
  • Create sponsorship proposals to host music events


Music Business


Music Business


Music Business


Music Business

The Boston Short Learning Programme consists of one (1) compulsory module, see Table below. Prescribed textbooks are included in the fees.
For registration and modules fees please consult your support centre.

Having secured his relationship with Get Physical music he assisted and featured in the release of the first ever ‘Africa Gets Physical’, now an annual compilation series. Ryan is currently working on new material in studio as well as the launch of Ryan’s new collective, Bantwanas, combining African and electronic music. Ryan continues to draw worldwide attention, earning exposure through the likes of Boiler Room, who recorded and streamed his recent set at Amsterdam Dance Event, with this past year seeing him perform at Watergate, Black Coffee’s night at HI Ibiza and others, which has since garnered huge audience support and further recognition for Ryan. His upcoming projects include a three track EP deal with global hitmakers Get Physical in Berlin, with tour dates throughout Africa and Europe, and a continued focus on further development on the Bantwana’s collective.

What do I require to pass a Module?

Students will need an overall mark of sixty percent (60%) to pass a module. Students who do not achieve a pass mark in an assessment may be provided one (1) further opportunity to retake (supplement) an assessment at an additional supplementary fee. 

How is the Overall Mark Calculated?

The overall mark will be calculated from the student’s performance on formative assessments (FA’s) and summative assessments (SA’s). 

Minimum is one (1) module per semester, this will ensure students remain academically active. 

It is compulsory that students have access to a computer and internet. Certain course material and/or notes and assessments will only be accessible online or electronically. 

Boston will provide all study guides and/or prescribed texts (where applicable), module information, timetables, and access to filmed lectures for each module. Therefore there will be no requirement to purchase any additional prescribed materials. 

Boston’s network of Support Centres grants our students access to computers, online assessments, filmed lectures, electronic library facilities, examination venues and administrative services. Students must select a single Support Centre and may make daily use of the facilities for the duration of their studies, see attached list. 

Students must select the same Support Centre for assessment purposes. Summative assessments (final examinations) will be conducted at the selected Support Centre. The venue for formative assessments will depend on the specific formative assessment formats of each module. 

  • Assignments will be uploaded into our online system Colcampus which can be done from home or at the selected Support Centre. 
  • Tests will be conducted at Support Centres only. 

English is the language of communication, instruction and assessment at Boston. 

Blended, which includes both contact and online mediated teaching and learning supported with rich-media courseware. For every module, this includes: 

  • Comprehensive information which consists of: 
  • Overview of the short learning programme outcomes 
  • Overview of the teaching, learning and assessment strategies 
  • Module specific information 
  • Tuition plan and academic calendar 
  • Boston study guide and/or prescribed texts (whichever is applicable) 
  • Filmed lecture contents and assessments which are hosted on our Learning Management System (LMS), ColCampus, which is available online and/or at the Support Centre 


Colcampus promotes anytime, anywhere learning while connecting students to Educators and learning resources in a safe, secure online environment. 

Boston has appointed qualified and experienced Educators to provide support to learners. Students can contact Educators any time through e-mail, or alternatively book telephonic appointments. Colcampus also enables interaction with Educators and fellow students. 

When you are accepted you will be required to register. In order to register you will need to complete the ‘Registration Contract’ and pay the registration fee and first instalment or deposit. Once you have paid and completed the Registration Contract you must return the contract and proof of payment to your selected Support Centre or Support Centre selected for Assessment purposes. Contracts handed in at a Support Centre will be captured for confirmation of your registration and student number. 

  • The closing date for registration for Term 1 is at 17h00 on Friday 3rd February 2023.

  • The closing date for registration for Term 2 is at 17h00 on Friday 31st March 2023.

  • The closing date for registration for Term 3 is at 17h00 on Friday 26th May 2023.

  • The closing date for registration for Term 4 is at 17h00 on Friday 21st July 2023.

  • The closing date for registration for Term 5 is at 17h00 on Friday 29th September 2023.