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Behind the scenes: Skeem Saam actress balances fame and studies

Skeem Saam Keamogetswe Trudy Leburu

Actress Keamogetswe Trudy Leburu is proud of herself.

She graduated from the Boston City Campus In Roodepoort Johannesburg, on Wednesday, 29 November.

The actress from Kagiso in Mogale City, who plays the role on Bontle on SABC1’s Skeem Saam said it was not easy balancing acting and studying as it gave her a bit of anxiety.

Keamogetswe said she was grateful that she managed to get her qualification in Sports Administration, and the reason she never posts most of her achievements on her social media platforms is people always say whatever they want to make fun of her work or her plans.

“I asked God to be in control. “My advice to people who suffer from anxiety is to pray.” Keamogetswe said.

The 28-year old said, to help deal with her anxiety, she would often listen to music and jog to keep her mind off things. “Listen to music, try meditating, it helps a lot.” “Most importantly, surround yourself with positive people who have a positive mindset” she said.

It has not been easy, but she’s now celebrating her successes, adding that it was important to have something as an entertainer.  Keamogetswe is grateful for the love and support she received from her family, who also attended her graduation.

The original interview with Keamogetswe Trudy Leburu was published on 07 December 2023 in The Daily Sun On the Go.

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