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Remote Learning for Staff and Students Alike

Remote Learning for Staff and Students Alike

by Jacques Viljoen

Boston firmly believes in providing a broad, flexible education to its students and staff alike. Although we have become somewhat used to the new norm of remote working, it still comes with its challenges. Whether it is setting up your workplace, motivating yourself from home, building resilience, or understanding the importance of a work-life balance, we could all use a helping hand.

This is one of the many reasons that Boston City Campus has partnered with Bookboon Learning, the World’s most used corporate learning solution.

With thousands of engaging eBooks and educational podcasts, Bookboon Learning’s easy to access digital learning solution has helped many of our staff members stay connected and moving forward during these challenging times.

Here are some of BCC staff’s favourite picks:

resilience in the workplace 1Resilience in the Workplace

The post-pandemic workplace is full of change, deadlines, and stress. This eBook helps employees to develop a set of resilience strategies and skills designed to help them bounce back, grow, and thrive. 







work from home

Working from Home

Remote working is now a reality for much of the working population meaning ensuring managers are equipped with the right skills is a must. This book is packed with key steps to get the best out of your remote workers. It also looks at the impact of generational diversity on home working. An easy but compelling read, this is an essential book both for managers and home-workers alike.







daily planning

Access free eBook here

Daily Planning

Without our usual routine, it can be challenging to keep up with our role. Master daily planning and give yourself space to breathe and develop with this bite-sized eBook. Become more effective and efficient, do more in less time, reduce stress, free up time for development, and be a super planner!

At Boston City Campus, it is our commitment to provide both students and staff with engaging and effective educational tools. Find eBooks and podcasts on these and thousands of other topics by visiting your Boston Bookboon Learning eLibrary or opt-out for the 30-days free trial (if not a Bostonite).





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