Reflective Evaluation of the Postgraduate Diploma in Management at Boston City Campus

Reflective Evaluation of the Postgraduate Diploma in Management at Boston City Campus

Reflective Evaluation of the Postgraduate Diploma in Management at Boston City Campus

By Dr. Cobus Oosthuizen, Dean of Postgraduate Business Programmes

On the 1st of April 2023, I started with Boston City Campus as Dean of Postgraduate Business Programmes. One of my first objectives was to deep dive into the Postgraduate Diploma in Management and evaluate the curriculum breadth and depth, teaching and learning philosophy, assessment strategies, and student support.

As I delved into the programme, I quickly realised it wasn’t your ordinary postgraduate programme – the robust structure, rich curriculum, and focus on practical application all work in tandem to create an academically rigorous, professionally relevant, and intellectually stimulating experience.

At its core, the programme provides postgraduate students with advanced theoretical knowledge and practical methodology, effectively preparing candidates for middle and senior management careers. The forward-thinking approach of the programme stood out to me as it is designed not only for current business environments but also to adapt to future changes, with a clear focus on fostering organisational growth. Students apply theoretical frameworks of operations and risk control to real-life situations, conduct market research, understand branding, analyse financial data, manage human capital, and solve problems; all skills that are integral to a successful management career. Particularly, the emphasis on critical thinking and responsible decision-making resonated with me, highlighting the programme’s focus on creating not just managers, but leaders.

The programme’s structure, spread across two semesters, is well thought through, with a perfect balance between foundational competencies and specialised skills. The careful design of the modules to deliver key management skills pertinent to the dynamic business environment of 4IR is impressive. The first semester provides a robust foundation in strategic operations, financial management, branding, business research methods, and personal and career development.

The second semester then builds upon this foundation, introducing global marketing strategies, human capital and talent management, business law, and negotiation techniques. What stands out is the inclusion of a rigorous research project report, emphasising the programme’s commitment to the practical application of theory. It is through this research component, and the didactic approach underpinning the making of new meanings by students, that the Boston City Campus Postgraduate Diploma in Management sets itself apart from other South African postgraduate diplomas in management. The focus on empirical problem-solving, idea generation, and the ability to defend an in-depth research report inculcates a strong and applied research mindset, bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Furthermore, the inclusion of elective modules offering specialisations in Advanced Entrepreneurship, Advanced Project Management, or Strategic Supply Chain Management, adds a layer of customisation to the programme, allowing students to tailor their learning towards their career aspirations. Another value-add is the programme’s ability to lay a solid foundation for further studies, encouraging graduates to pursue Master’s Degree studies in various areas of Commerce and Management, both locally and internationally.

Notably, the programme also garnered high praise from both active students and valued graduates, highlighting the success in fostering an enriching, effective, and responsive learning environment. Most Boston City Campus students embark on this educational journey with specific career objectives in mind, and it was thrilling to know that the programme offers them a road map to realise their professional dreams. I noted that Boston City Campus takes great pride in how the programme significantly contributes to the personal growth of students, a testament to the majority of the graduates. The programme’s ability to not just meet, but exceed expectations, speaks volumes about its transformative potential. Boston City Campus is deeply honoured to be a part of the students’ journeys towards becoming proficient and empowered professionals, equipped to take on the challenges of the management world.

In conclusion, the Postgraduate Diploma in Management at Boston City Campus is a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, designed to produce graduates who are prepared to face the challenges of the complex and ever-changing business environment. Its comprehensive curriculum, focus on critical thinking problem-solving skills, and potential for personalisation, make it stand out among its South African counterparts, and its global standard is expressed through Boston’s accreditation with the British Accreditation Council (BAC), United Kingdom. Reflecting on this programme, I am proud to be associated with it, and can confidently say that it equips students with the requisite competencies to navigate and lead in the rapidly evolving business landscape, thereby fostering a new generation of effective managers and leaders.

Boston’s positioning in the open, distance and e-learning mode of provisioning makes this the ideal qualification to undertake if one needs time flexibility and a study anywhere-anytime approach. Without needing to be in a specific location at a specific time, candidates can continue to manage the demands of life and work while advancing their career opportunities. For more information please visit one of our 47 learner support centres countrywide, or download the programme’s Fact Sheet and our Prospectus online at

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