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Reaching higher, and achieving goals, with a postgraduate diploma from Boston

Reaching higher, and achieving goals, with a postgraduate diploma from Boston.

ARI KATZTomorrow’s leaders must be equipped with new-age competencies for successful careers.” So says Ari Katz, CEO of Boston City Campus & Business College. “This will ensure that graduates will be in demand by employers,” he says.

Accredited by the Council on Higher Education, at NQF level 8, the Boston Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PG Dip) provides prospective students who hold an undergraduate degree (and with or without work experience), with a unique postgraduate opportunity to gain advanced knowledge of business and general management.

Business, Management and related subjects (finance, accounting, management, and economics) are among the most popular fields of study at universities worldwide, particularly at graduate level. Business graduates are in high demand worldwide. “Business” is an all-encompassing word that involves pretty much every aspect of modern human society. Qualifying with a management qualification means you have diverse skills and wide knowledge and that you can operate on a macro- and micro-level. If you qualify with a business and management qualification you are likely to earn more and have diverse opportunities open to you.

At the postgraduate level, students are able to gain an in-depth understanding of many aspects of the corporate world. With a PG Dip, opportunities for students to carry on with a Master’s in Business Administration will open up.  Master of Business Administration and Executive MBA programmes are targeted at those who have already gained significant professional experience, and typically have more of a focus on professional development.

At whichever level you study business, you can expect all types of business qualifications to have a strong emphasis on the practical application of theory, through the use of case studies, problem-solving tasks, projects, and teamwork.

The combination of academic challenge and practical focus makes the prospect of studying the PG Dip very attractive for those attracted to the learning environment. “What is also hugely attractive is that this postgraduate qualification holds the key to a change in career for anyone who wishes to work in management. Whether you have a business-related undergraduate degree, a teaching degree, a Bachelor of Social Sciences or even if you are qualified as an optometrist – you can make an application to study this postgraduate qualification that hones your skills for management in the corporate environment” says Katz.

Katz explains how the PG Dip will offer students the skills required to be effective managers in business.  Students will engage in a challenging curriculum that develops a theoretical foundation for operations and enterprise-wide risk management strategy to improve services and products, enhance customer experience, strengthen corporate governance, and, ultimately, establish a competitive corporate advantage. In turn, these concepts are integrated into and underpinned by an applied appreciation for: global marketing techniques in the modern era, financial management techniques to realise strategic intent by steering corporate action, brand management of the self, and reputational management for SMMEs.

“There is an opportunity to specialise and create an area of expertise, giving you added value to your employer”, says Katz. “Candidates choose between entrepreneurship, project management, or supply chain and logistics management as elective modules to facilitate further specialisation in the field”.

“So if I already have a degree, why should I study further?” is a natural enquiry. “One of the big reasons we study in the first place, is not only to gain skills and embark on a career, but to ensure that the career will match our interest, and with the job satisfaction, bring us earning potential,” says Katz. “Taking qualifications to a higher level creates great opportunities for upward mobility, earning potential increases, and new job opportunities will open up,” he says.   “Perhaps you shouldn’t expect a huge salary increase as soon as you graduate, but the skills and knowledge gained from a postgraduate qualification will facilitate your career progression, making it easier to access management-level positions with higher salaries.”

“You’ll still need to prove yourself, show initiative, be a team player, and work hard if you want to reach your career and salary goals – and be prepared for plenty of competition,” says Katz.


Applications for the PG Dip are now open. Call 011 551 2000, visit www.boston.ac.za, or email info@boston.co.za.

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