The Essentials of Management

The Essentials of Management encompasses the fundamental principles and practices needed to effectively oversee and lead organisations.

In this programme, you will be exposed to practical business management skills for real-world scenarios, and will further enhance your understanding of industrial psychology, socio-economics, company law and project management and develop your capacity to demonstrate culturally sensitive management styles within organisations.

This Short Learning Programme can serve as a foundation for pursuing admission to a Boston Higher Certificate or Occupational qualification, should you wish to continue your studies.

The Essentials of Management Short Learning Programme


1 Year (full-time)

Entry Requirements

National Senior Certificate; or National Certificate (Vocational) Level 4; or equivalent qualification OR alternatively Learners can apply for RPL entry into the programme from the Academic Committee at Boston Head Office.

This programme is offered by Boston City Campus in the distance mode of education with support provided at Learner Support Centres. Apply to register at any Boston City Campus Learner Support Centre nationwide or online.

All modules are compulsory and must be passed.

Ito RPL, on successful completion the Learner may apply for admission to a Boston Higher Certificate Programme or an Occupational Qualification.

Each submission is individually evaluated, hence neither admission nor advanced placement is assured.

  • Introduction to PC*
  • Windows*
  • Word Processing*
  • Principles of Business Management*
  • Industrial Psychology 1 (OIND11615)*
  • Socioeconomics 1 (OSEC11615)*
  • Company Law 1 (OCM11615)*
  • Project Management 1 (OPRM11615)*

*Formative Assessments are undertaken and the highest grade achieved in Formative Assessment is retained. The final grade is based on the Summative Assessment only. A maximum of one (1) additional supplementary assessment opportunity is provided for the Summative Assessment, which will be charged for.

Articulate | Responsible | Analytical | Decision Maker
  • Ability to operate effectively in the workplace using a number of Windows-based end-user applications
  • Apply general management principles to real life situations
  • Apply basic theories and processes to key concepts in commercial law.
  • Demonstrate project management skills
  • Identify the socio-economic needs of society and display cultural sensitivity within organisations


On successful completion the Learner will be issued a Boston Short Learning Programme The Essentials of Management