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A Beacon of Hope for Post-Matrics

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The journey for post-matrics can be filled with twists and turns, and for some, it may not unfold as they had hoped on results day. Dr. Deonita Damons, Executive Director at Boston City Campus recently shared her insights on the eTV Morning Show, shedding light on the importance of embracing Plan B for matriculants facing unexpected challenges.

Within the Class of 2023, there exists a group who, despite their best efforts, find themselves at a crossroads, denied the immediate opportunity to continue their academic journey into tertiary education, as they had planned. Dr. Damons, however, offers a message of hope, emphasizing that a setback in matric results does not mean the end of the road.

“We do have options, alternatives, and alternate pathways to get a person who may not have made their matric, to get into higher education,”

Another significant concern for many matriculants is the admissions points system employed by most institutions. Dr. Damons, however, asserts that “any student who is a school-leaver should not be excluded from post-matric learning”. She goes on to explain that Boston City Campus believes in providing a pathway to higher education for all aspiring students, regardless of their matric results.

Addressing the points system, Dr. Damons clarifies that students falling short of the requirements set by institutions can explore Boston’s options for alternate entry. These programmes not only offer valuable skills but also serve as a stepping stone for future higher education pursuits. Dr. Damons acknowledges that this alternate pathway may take a bit longer, but underscores the importance of persistence and dedication, asserting that there are no shortcuts to success.

Boston City Campus stands firm in its belief that every school-leaver who had made the effort deserves a fair chance at obtaining a degree. If you find yourself navigating through these unchartered waters, visit www.boston.ac.za for information on available study opportunities or to visit your nearest support centre.

In conclusion, the road to success is seldom a straight line. Dr. Deonita Damons’ insights serve as a beacon of hope for those whose immediate plans may have been derailed. By embracing alternative pathways, matriculants can discover new opportunities, proving that setbacks are merely stepping stones to future triumphs. The journey continues, and with dedication, persistence, and the right support, success remains within reach for every post-matric explorer.

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