Secure Infrastructure Technician

If you have a Grade 10 Certificate, National Certificate (Vocational) Level 2, or equivalent qualification, this Short Learning Programme will open up various career opportunities for you in information technology.

You’ll acquire skills in computer system building, troubleshooting, and repair, as well as operating enterprise branch networks. Additionally, you will develop expertise in Information Security, covering various aspects like communication security, cryptography, and general security concepts, along with infrastructure and operational security.

Furthermore, you have the option to pursue additional certificates by sitting for the two International CompTIA exams, the CompTIA Network+ exam, and the CompTIA International Security+ exam. Each of these results in internationally recognised certifications.

Secure Infrastructure Technician Short Learning Programme/Institute Learning Programme


1 Year (full-time)

Entry Requirements

Grade 10 Certificate; or National Certificate (Vocational) Level 2; or equivalent qualification. Computer Literacy recommended.

This programme is offered by Boston City Campus in the distance mode of education with support provided at Learner Support Centres. Apply to register at any Boston City Campus Learner Support Centre nationwide or online.

All modules are compulsory and must be passed.

Career Opportunities

  • Security Administrator
  • Security Technician
  • Security Analyst
  • Network Security Technician
  • Network and Information Security Technician
  • Computer and Peripheral Maintenance Technician
  • Network Support Technician

  • Computer Technician*
  • Networking Technician*
  • Cyber Security Fundamentals*

*Formative Assessments are undertaken and the highest grade achieved in Formative Assessment is retained. The final grade is based on the Summative Assessment only. A maximum of one (1) additional supplementary assessment opportunity is provided for the Summative Assessment, which will be charged for.

The Computer Technician module is aligned with the A+ CompTIA syllabus. The Networking Technician module is aligned to te Network+ CompTIA syllabus and the Cyber Security Fundamentals module is aligned to the Security+ CompTIA syllabus.

Should the student elect to write the International examinations, the student may participate in as many non-formal Formative Assessments as are required to prepare for the International exam. Once declared ready, the student may then sit for the International Summative Assessment. All International Summative Assessments require a student to be declared Competent. There is no supplementary opportunity as the Learner is permitted to sit for the International Summative Assessment as many times as is required, until declared Competent. Each International Summative Assessment sitting attracts an additional fee.

Prescribed textbooks are included in tuition fees.

Students may sit their International CompTIA Examinations at Boston City Campus. These examination fees are excluded but charged at cost.

Logical | Technical | Patient | Analytical | Disciplined
  • Ability to build, troubleshoot and repair computer systems

  • Ability to install, operate and troubleshoot a small to medium size enterprise branch network

Competence in most aspects of Information Security, including:

  • Communication security
  • Cryptography
  • General security concepts
  • Infrastructure security
  • Operational security


On successful completion the Learner will be issued:

  • A Boston Short Learning Programme Secure Infrastructure Technician
  • Should the learner choose to sit for the two (2) international CompTIA A+ exams, then on successful completion of both, the Learner will be issued with an A+ Credential Certificate from CompTIA (internationally recognised)
  • Should the learner choose to sit for the international CompTIA Network+ exam, then on successful completion, the Learner will be issued with an Network+ Credential Certificate from CompTIA (internationally recognised)
  • Should the learner choose to sit for the international CompTIA Security+ exam, then on successful completion, the Learner will be issued with a Security+ Credential Certificate from CompTIA (internationally recognised)