How Boston rose to the challenge, emerging as leaders in Distance Education

How Boston rose to the challenge, emerging as leaders in Distance Education

Studying through a pandemic has been a challenge for students. Some institutions (like Boston!)  managed to take their students from classroom to dining room table seamlessly, while others battled to create a virtual classroom.  Boston has always relied on technology as an effective learning methodolgy as technology ensures: academic consistency, quality, delivery and validity of all materials and knowledge transfer.

Students learn at their own times and their own pace, anywhere and anytime. Absent students do not miss lectures – they pick up where they left off. Learners who start with less understanding of a topic can repeat lectures until they are comfortable with the topic.

Says Eunice from Welkom, “I will highly recommend Boston. I had a wonderful experience and the lecturers and staff were extremely helpful and friendly. Never had any problems. Quick responses on enquiries and questions. They always checked up on me and asked if I needed any form of help or assistance. They truly care about their students and want them to succeed. I am very happy with the experience and made new friends along the way.”

A Ladysmith student who graduated during the pandemic can’t praise his branch enough.I obtained my Bachelor’s degree this semester and wish to applaud the Ladysmith branch. Pauli Habermann and her staff are highly efficient and diligent in their tasks, with an optimistic warmth in their execution. Distance learning poses many challenges. As a full-time employee, I valued Pauli’s work ethic and empathy. I recently relocated but BOSTON Ladysmith is still my ‘home’. Pauli mostly contacts her students from her cell phone, testament to her commitment in facilitating a culture of learning and excellence. During the COVID-19 epidemic the college created a WhatsApp group to keep students informed and updated. Boston offered its students a MTN 30gig data package at a hugely discounted rate, in order to assist students without access to internet. Pauli negotiated with Game stores to offer a discount on laptops!!! That is phenomenal. Also, Boston Ladysmith is involved in community projects. Boston Ladysmith is a cohesive, integrated facilitator of Higher Education principles, which under Mrs. Habermanns leadership makes me proud to have had this opportunity to realise a dream”.

IT students should be the quickest to take up the challenge of purely online learning, and this student is flying! “So far I have had a great experience. I have received more than enough support and I’m glad I chose Boston to study my Diploma in IT Network Systems. I have gone from having zero confidence in myself to being so proud of what I have achieved in such a short time with the support of peers and the tutors in the college. The academic support is fantastic, my first year of study I was nervous”, but “the tutors have always been available to speak to and reply via email very quickly. During the pandemic the contact was there near 24/7. Personal support is also superb.  All round great team”

Training Advisers at Boston ‘close the gap’ in distance studies: “Starting my studying journey hasn’t been easy but because of my student advisor Wesley it hasn’t been difficult and since the lockdown started I am sent an email twice a week to check on my progress and for assistance. Help is just a call away”. Semeno Phuti agrees, “In this lockdown, things aren’t simple the way we though, and it is a privilege and honour to see how our facilitators are trying their best to communicate with us in order to solve all problems that we face through our studies. I appreciate all the hard work from our facilitators during this difficult time.”

Students have managed during the pandemic and lockdown due both to their own perseverance, as well as systematic management of all issues that arose due to Lockdown regulations. “I love receiving good customer service especially during times like these. Imagine being special enough to receive a call on a weekly basis from a Boston employee just to check up on you. Then to receive an offer from Boston for such affordable data. Now this is one of the organizations going out of their way to ensure their students feel valued and not forgotten. Thanks to Boston Orange Grove you guys clearly know what customer service means! Keep it up”, says Shazelle Pillay.



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