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Graduate Spotlight: Da Muziqual Chef is Apple Music’s Isgubhu Cover Star

Da Muziqual Chef

Apple Music has announced Da Muziqal Chef as their latest Isgubhu Playlist cover star. The Amapiano producer, multi-instrumentalist and DJ, whose real name is Tshepo Bure thanked Apple Music for giving him this opportunity. The Soweto-born and bred creative grew up with music in his blood, influenced by his trumpeter father, extended musical family, and the church band, for which he became drummer at the age of 12.

His tertiary education at Boston City Campus set the foundation for him to explore different aspects of music, engineering and production, and he began working tirelessly to build his brand. Starting out making Amapiano that was purely instrumental at the time, which was the standard before the genre exploded, Da Muziqal Chef’s first release in 2021, called Muziqal Fiesta, showcased his ability to collaborate seamlessly with vocalists, songwriters, and other producers to create a solid EP. Since then, he’s gone on to produce some the genre’s biggest hits, including John Wick (2021) feat. Sir Trill, and Sgudi Snyc (2023), both alongside fellow Amapiano powerhouse producer, De Mthuda.

At the end of 2023, the Amapiano tastemaker served a fresh helping of party-starters with his Just a Taste EP, available to stream on Apple Music, that was received with open ears and arms by a hungry fanbase, and was anchored by the single Ubumnandi. Da Muziqal Chef is poised to release Just a Taste (extended play) with an additional three tracks namely Ngino Mona featuring Mawhoo, Hlala Nawe featuring Azana and Mzwangedwa featuring Eemoh.

Launched in early 2021, the Isgubhu Playlist is the definitive home of African Dance and Electronic Music on Apple Music, spotlighting and elevating the work of African electronic DJs, producers, and creatives. Isgubhu, a Zulu word meaning beat, and used to refer to a banging song, pays homage to an evergreen set of genres and the African artists who have played a pivotal role in shaping the Dance and Electronic scene across the world.

“As a producer and DJ, I have always wanted to be the cover artist for the Isgubhu Playlist”, he told Apple Music. “This is because I want to showcase the music that is near and dear to me.”

Da Musiqal Chef has created an exclusive playlist that features a diverse selection of tracks that mean something to him. “The reason I chose these songs for my Isgubhu feature is because of the inspiration and memories I have from producing some of them, and also the fond experiences I had when I collaborated with the artists. The tracks I included from the likes of Black Motion, Ladi Adiosoul & Houseville, Shasha, Kelvin Momo and Something Soweto have touched me through their sweet melodies and heart-warming messages in their lyrics!”

Check out Isgubhu only on Apple Music.
The original article was published on TheJournalistDJ.com.

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