Cum Laude Graduate perseveres and achieves success in an uncertain world.


Reuban Ramaliwa is a PGDip Graduate from Boston in Kempton Park. He has only praise for the branch where he studies. “First of all, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to my family for the support, Dimension data for taking care of my fees, Lipsen Sambo, Kgomotso and everyone from Boston City Campus and Business College Kempton park for the support, you guys are amazing!”.

 Reuban’s academic life journey in Boston can be summed up as both a miracle and blessing. “It all started when I got accepted for a Diploma in Business management course back in 2017. I still remember vividly how Lipsen Sambo assisted me in transferring from the Diploma in Business management to studying BCom. I also remember attending a graduation ceremony where someone was celebrated for passing his course with distinctions and from that moment onwards I knew I wanted to be like him. Having passed my first qualification with a distinction motivated me to study further and that is where the idea to study further was conceived in me”.  Reuban graduated in May 202 with the BCom in Management Marketing – Cum Laude!  One year later he has graduated with the PGDip – Cum Laude again! An absolutely astonishing feat.

 “The Postgraduate Diploma in management was for me however, the most exciting and challenging season of my life. I remember how I would go for a couple of days without sleeping, how I would finish work on Fridays and actually not go home studying through the weekend,” he says. 

Reuban’s goals are dynamic. As with all successful people, as you achieve one, you set new ones. “My short-term goal is to find employment where I can best apply the skills that I have acquired, preferably a platform where I can assist students do well, tell them my story and give them advice on how to navigate through some of the challenges I overcame both in my personal and academic life” his long-term goal?  “My long-term goal is becoming a Master of Business Administration (MBA).”


What motivated Reuban throughout his studies? “First all, my vision to become a Master of Business Administration required that I acquire an undergraduate degree as well as a postgraduate diploma. When you have a clear goal or vision, it becomes easier to mobilise and focus all your resources to achieve them. My vision kept me going and focused throughout.

Secondly, I wanted to be a pioneer or a trail blazer  in my father’s house, being a first born of a household that did not have a graduate. I received this opportunity to study through Dimension Data company paying for my studies and that motivated me to work even harder.

Lastly, the drive to better my family and allowing my kids to have a good role model was enough to motivate me every day. An opportunity to study is one that changes your life, family, surrounding and ultimately the world and this is what being educated means to me. 

 At the end of it all I know today that hard work has a good reward. It doesn’t matter how many times you have fallen in life, what is important is that you wake up, dust off and try again. 

I am a better person today than I was back in 2017 and all thanks to Boston City Campus and everyone who contributed positively to my growth”.

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