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Boston City Campus – CompTIA Africa 2023 Partner of the Year

CompTIA Africa 2023 Partner of the Year

The CompTIA Africa Awards 2023 were held on 12 October 2023 at Monte Casino, and Boston City Campus is proud be named Partner of the Year for 2023.

Receiving the 2023 Partner of the Year award from CompTIA stands as a remarkable testament to the steadfast dedication of our entire Boston City Campus team. This accolade epitomizes the combined commitment we invest in delivering high-quality education and reinforces our ongoing mission to enhance the learning experience for our students.

Motivating students to pursue certification exams and maximise CompTIA courseware requires a multifaceted approach. Our strategy involves integrating real-world scenarios into our curriculum, demonstrating the direct impact certifications have on careers. We enhance the value of our graduates through practical incentives such as job placement assistance and networking opportunities, establishing a tangible connection between certification success and career advancement.

Our flourishing partnership with CompTIA is grounded in accessible education and hands-on exposure. Recognising the uniqueness of each student, we allow them to study at their own pace. Furthermore, our extensive industry connections open avenues to internships and practical experiences, reinforcing the significance of CompTIA certification. This blend of accessible education and real-world application distinguishes us in providing comprehensive learning experiences.

How do we as an institution fuel our future growth and achievement?

1. Industry-Relevant Curriculum: Our courses align with industry demands, ensuring students are equipped with current knowledge and skills for the tech landscape.

2. Experiential Learning: We emphasise learning by doing, offering hands-on experiences, practical projects, and real-world case studies.

3. Flexible Learning Options: We cater to diverse needs with part-time, full-time, online, and hybrid learning options, making education accessible.

4. Strong Industry Partnerships: Deep-rooted relationships grant access to internships, job placement, and networking opportunities, providing valuable insights into industry trends.

5. Student-Centric Approach: Personalised approach to education is our pride, with dedicated advisors ensuring students succeed academically and professionally.

6. Focus on Soft Skills: We nurture essential soft skills like communication and problem-solving, setting our graduates apart in the workplace.

7. Continual Learning Pathways: Our commitment extends beyond graduation, offering continued learning pathways and industry opportunities to keep graduates current.

8. Entrepreneurial Spirit: We encourage creativity and entrepreneurship, empowering students to excel as tech leaders.

9. Community Engagement: We actively contribute to our local community, promoting tech awareness and fostering a sense of belonging.

10. Emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion: We provide an inclusive learning environment that prepares students for global workplaces.

Looking ahead, our focus is on remaining at the forefront of technological advancement. This involves continually updating our course offerings to meet industry demands. Our investments in online platforms enhance accessibility, while expanding local business partnerships, allow us to offer real-world projects. Our commitment to innovation and adaptability is pivotal in sustaining our success.

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