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Boston Thank U Collaboration

Boston City Campus, known as industry innovators in education, has partnered with Edcon to bring skills upgrades, new skills and short education programmes to shoppers. So now, spending money can be seen as an investment in yourself! “We wanted to give back to people who are loyal to a brand, not just a financial reward to be used on more items( which is always great!), but real added value in terms of building a future and creating content for a CV”, says Eli Katz of Boston Connect. “

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This type of partnership shows the retail space’s commitment to our broader community and the socio-economic environment in which their stores operate,” he says.  Katz continues saying that this type of reward is visionary in the sense that it carries immediate value, and can be a life-changer for people who take proper advantage and gain new and advanced skills.

Katz says that the programme benefits Thank U members and SA as a whole, because Boston and Thank U are educating South Africans, and upskilling them, without them having to go to any huge efforts or additional savings.

Says Katz, “the offering of courses available is rather large and talks to different needs such as High School, wellness, personal development, 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution), Cybersecurity, data science, real estate investments, construction, sports and more”.

Katz continues saying that we are living in a world where people need to continuously be upskilling in order to remain relevant in their jobs. Whether extra lesson type courses for high school subjects or tech skills for employed people, there are so many opportunities. Katz says that the Boston / Thank U rewards programme and the instant access to courses is fairly unique. The variety of topics, built-in gamification, and ‘credit’ badge system (whereby you can accumulate badges), provide multiple opportunities for multiple type users.

Katz adds that these courses enhance the value you provide to an employer, and positively affect your CV. They allow you to climb the corporate ladder or to apply for jobs that are considered scarce.

So how does this reward programme work? There are many courses that you can do at one time – for every R200 spent at Jet, Edgars or CNA, you can receive one course. Contributing to broader communities the high school courses will allow access to quality education at high school level. Self-development courses allow people to build themselves emotionally, and the 4IR (fourth Industrial Revolution) courses allow people to remain relevant in a changing world.

Zandile Manana of Thank U says,” we are really excited to add these courses to our hugely popular rewards programme. They form an additional, much needed and valuable aspect to our basket of rewards and incentives. The uptake has already been huge and so many people are taking advantage”. He concludes by advising you to take advantage of this amazing initiative when you plan your year-endand festive season shopping. “Your purchases could see you gaining a whole new set of skills!”




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