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Boston rocks with free concerts as students continue with uninterrupted studies

As our communities grapple with the realities of living in #LockDown, businesses and schools have had to come up with innovative ideas to serve the communities, maintain contact and work #TogetherApart. Boston started off the LockDown with a concert from Soul Candi recruit Holly Rey, letting people know that we are here, we are available and we are looking for ways to make them feel part of the greater community, while in their lounge at home! The concert was great, Holly Rey done with her outstanding music and warm and bubbly personality. “The cancellation of events due to Covid-19 has affected us badly because that is our main source of income a artists, but luckily for me I still have some income, so I just wanted to give people a free concert during these difficult times” she said. Her free live concert has been viewed nearly 8000 times!

“Our intention is to continue as much as we are able , to communicate with, engage with and entertain our audience” says Anne Hollamby of Boston. “Our partnership with the Soul Candi brand has allowed us to promote artists as well as provide live concerts,” she says.

With graduates of Soul Candi blazing music trails, they are showcasing their skills learned through Soul Candi qualifications. One of the budding graduates from the program is Dwson – who has released an album on Stay True Sound. “A former student who did the Digital Music Composition and Production course, he is making the most of all work opportunities, “ says Blanka Mazimela, Head of Department at Boston.  Others include Vinny Da Vinci, DJ Christos and Liquideep. And of course Holly Rey!

Have you considered a career in music? Many people have a passion for music but believe that it is a hobby and that they will not be able to earn a living from it. Boston believes that including your passion in your career makes you more successful.  “Most budding musicians struggle to create a career in music. In order to create a music career, look into one of the qualifications available at Boston in the music industry”, says Blanka Mazimela, Head of Department at Boston.

Another successful Soul Candi Graduate is Neo ‘NayPalmNeo‘ Mahao, from Khumalo Valley in Katlehong. She spoke to us virtually, raving about the Soul Candi qualifcations.  “I am glad to be considered a successful graduate after the amazing time I had at SoulCandi. I truly consider SoulCandi to be a place where you go to musically thwasa, with some guidance and freedom to indulge in the art.  It brought people together, exposed a ton of potential, and is truly symbolic as a safe space for creatives and creative outlaws, and I’d be happy to answer some questions.”

Aside from free concerts, Boston advises students colleagues and employees to stick to a regular schedule and try continue with previous tasks and projects. “This virus has taught us all the importance of flexibility and adaptability” says Anne,” and Boston has made all necessary changes to keep our academic lives running smoothly!  We appreciate that this is a challenging time for all. Now more than ever, it is imperative to keep up with your studies from home and/or work. By focusing on your education, you are investing in yourself, and contributing to the critical human capital and leadership that will be required to move our country forward in the days and years that lie ahead.”

From the social media team, we just wanted to make that extra effort to avoid burnout when working or studying from home, and so we have organised the free concerts. Watch out for the next one featuring ‘Nizhe DeSoul’!

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