Marketers spend billions attempting to influence what, when and how people consumer. Here’s your chance to be part of this fascinating industry.

The Marketing Specialisation offers full coverage of the marketing mix- the set of tools that work together to satisfy customer needs and build customer relationships. You will be inducted into the theory and practices associated with the professional marketing practice where you are guided to recognize how the marketing mix needs to be adapted in order for a business to become a global player. Because the media industry is part of the service industry, you will learn that service marketing is different to product marketing, and that it requires different strategies and tactics for success.

Learn everything you need to know about being a marketing whizz to change the world!



When can I apply and how much are the Application Fees?

Applications are open all year round.  There are no application fees payable.


What do I do if I am accepted?

When you are accepted you will be required to register. In order to register you will need to complete the ‘Registration Contract’ and pay the registration fee and first installment or deposit. Once you have paid and completed the Registration Contract you can return the contract and proof of payment to the campus where you wish to register.


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