Graphic Design

Graphic Design

In a rapidly evolving, digital and visual age, graphic design and information design have become increasingly important in the world of work. The Graphic Design Specialisation covers graphic design theory & practice, reproduction, print, computer graphics and web design.

Combined with the other media subjects, the Graphic Design specialization will guide you towards the production of a final portfolio that includes your graphic design work and web work embedded in advertising and branding theory and practice to ensure your readiness to enter the creative world of work.




When can I apply and how much are the Application Fees?

Applications are open all year round.  There are no application fees payable.


What do I do if I am accepted?

When you are accepted you will be required to register. In order to register you will need to complete the ‘Registration Contract’ and pay the registration fee and first installment or deposit. Once you have paid and completed the Registration Contract you can return the contract and proof of payment to the campus where you wish to register.


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