Boston City Campus

Further Education & Training Certificate: Sport Administration

Further Education & Training Certificate: Sport Administration

SAQA ID 67697


  • Sports Administration*
  • Sport Event Organisation*
  • Sport Life Skills*
  • Youth Leadership*
  • Manage Staff, Providers and Safety Matters in a Sport Organisation*
  • Supervise Sport Facilities and Open Spaces in a Community*
  • Supervise Administrative Procedures and Fraud Control*
  • Develop and Organise Sport Programmes within a Sport Organisation*
  • Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers in a Sport Organisation*
  • Workplace Experience**
  • Communication Second Language (under the CAT Policy)*
    If the Learner has passed Grade 12 Second South African Language, he/she
    need not register for Communication Second Language
  • Communication First Language (under the CAT Policy)*
    If the Learner has passed Grade 12 English, he/she need not register for
    Communication First Language
  • Mathematical Literacy and Financial Skills*
    If the Learner has passed Grade 12 Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy,
    he/she need not register for Mathematical Literacy (under the CAT Policy)
*Each module requires a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) that includes Formative and Summative Assessments. Both are used to assess competence against Specific Outcomes (SO) and Assessment Criteria (AC). In addition, Learners complete a Final Integrated Summative Assessment (FISA) and must be found Competent in this assessment.

**Compulsory practical work experience will be arranged by the Institute of Sport (IoS) – Learners must co-operate fully and complete the module successfully as final certification cannot be realised without sufficient workplace evidence having been obtained through successful participation in this module.

  • Ability to apply administrative skills and knowledge in a sports organisation
  • Ability to apply values and ethics in a sports organisation
  • Ability to organise, promote and lead an activity in a community
  • Ability to adapt available spaces in a community for a sports or fitness facility
  • Ability to develop sports and fitness programmes
  • Manage safety and emergency incidences
  • Ability to motivate and build a team
  • Apply knowledge of self and team to enhance team performance
  • Apply efficient time management skills to the work of a department, division or section
  • Manage service providers in an organisation
  • Manage expenditure against a budget, interpret basic financial statements and apply knowledge of basic accounting principles
  • Identify and assist in the control of fraud in a sports organisation

Minimum Grade 11 Certificate with English and Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy or equivalent qualification.



On successful completion of both the theory and practical components the Learner will be issued a Boston Statement of Results indicating the unit standards covered.

IoS will apply, on behalf of the Learner, to CATHSSETA for verification of the Learner’s results. On successful verification the Learner will be issued a Further Education and Training Certificate: Sport Administration SAQA ID 67697, NQF (OQSF) L4, minimum 172 credits from CATHSSETA


Ito RPL, on successful completion the Learner may apply for admission to a Boston Higher Certificate Programme or an Occupational Qualification. Each submission is individually evaluated, hence neither admission nor advanced placement is assured.

All modules are compulsory and must be passed.