Boston City Campus

Shared History

Shared History


Boston no longer facilitates access to the online content from overseas platforms towards the GED programme for first time applicants/registrations as of semester 1-2018.

In the interest of existing Learners, Boston remains committed to facilitate their teach-out during 2018.

Boston is very proud of the GED graduates that have taken up the calling for a second opportunity in pursuit of their dreams.

Boston continues to offer a wide range of Occupational Qualifications and/or Boston Short Learning Programmes (BSLP) which are well recognised for career readiness and/or advancement.



After a longstanding and mutually beneficial relationship with UNISA of twenty plus years, Boston decided to no longer offer ‘top-up’ or ‘extra lessons’ for the public institution to students as of semester 2-2016. The decision to bring this relationship to a close was reached due to the ever changing and complex regulatory framework governing both public and private higher education institutions.

Boston is very proud of its (this) shared history, producing many graduates ready to fulfil the highest calling in modern society, that of critical citizenship.

Boston continues in this tradition of producing graduates ready to make an impact in society.