Boston City Campus

Programme Categories

Programme Categories

BOSTON HIGHER EDUCATION PROGRAMME – this refers to a Boston qualification, accredited by the HEQC of the CHE and registered by SAQA on the NQF (HEQSF), which is a higher certificate (minimum 120 credits) or diploma (minimum 360 credits) or first degree (minimum 360 credits) programme, with a minimum duration of one to three years depending on the particulars of the qualification. Learner credits are uploaded onto the NLRD.

BOSTON SHORT LEARNING PROGRAMME – this refers to learning that consists of a combination of courses of study that is aimed at meeting a prospective Learner’s immediate skills and training needs for direct use in the workplace or personal development and is non-credit bearing. In line with the principles of RPL, these credentials may allow for possible access to and/or advanced placement in a Boston Higher Education Programme.

BOSTON DIGITAL LEARNING BADGE – this refers to online learning that consists of either a succinct or comprehensive course of study that is aimed at meeting a prospective Learner’s immediate knowledge and competency needs for continuous professional or personal development and is non-credit bearing.

INSTITUTE LEARNING PROGRAMME – this refers to an external body’s programme. These may be credit-bearing learning programmes or non-credit-bearing learning programmes. If credit-bearing the exact information will be shown on the relevant page inside this prospectus under the header “On successful completion the Learner will be issued …”.

OCCUPATIONAL QUALIFICATION – this refers to a programme (minimum 120 credits) associated with a trade, occupation or profession resulting from work-based learning and consisting of knowledge, practical and work experience unit standards. It is accredited and certificated by the QCTO or a delegated body i.e. SETA (DQP) / LQA, and is registered by SAQA on the NQF (OQSF). Learner credits are uploaded onto the NLRD.

OCCUPATIONAL SKILLS PROGRAMME – this refers to a short learning programme (less than 120 credits) which consists of units or a single unit standard of an occupational qualification. It is accredited and certificated by the QCTO or a delegated body i.e. SETA (DQP) / LQA, and is registered by SAQA on the NQF. Learner credits are uploaded onto the NLRD.


HEQC:   Higher Education Quality Committee

CHE:      Council on Higher Education

SAQA:   South African Qualifications Authority

NQF:      National Qualifications Framework

HEQSF:  Higher Education Qualifications Sub-Framework

OQSF:    Occupational Qualifications Sub-Framework

QC:        Quality Council

QCTO:   Quality Council for Trades and Occupations

SETA:     Sector Education and Training Authority

DQP:      Designated Quality Partner of the QCTO

LQA:       Learning and Quality Assurance Body of the QCTO

AQP:       Quality Partner of the QCTO

NLRD:     National Learners’ Records Database

RPL:        Recognition of Prior Learning

CAT:        Credit Accumulation and Transfer