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A Unique Postgraduate Diploma in Management: Options for a Changing World

A Unique Postgraduate Diploma in Management: Options for a Changing World

Looking for a  dramatic impact on your personalised career path with the inclusion of core commercial leadership skills that pave the way for higher management roles and thereby improving your employability? Read more here about the Boston PG Dip.

A Unique Postgraduate Diploma in Management: Options for a Changing WorldOn the 30th of May 2020, the world witnessed the successful collaboration between NASA and SpaceX that culminated in the docking of Dragon with the International Space Station nineteen hours after liftoff. At the same time, we are witnessing the fragmenting of our fragile society, not just in our backyard, but across the globe. The world, it seems, is spinning out of control. Whether we are high-fiving in celebration of the historically significant moment of SpaceX or mourning the equally significant impact of a global pandemic, we are witnessing a massive shift of global proportions.

As the tectonic plates of our global cultures move and shift, they give rise to new and unexplored worlds. In this time of change, we are invited to re-consider and re-imagine what kinds of skills will be required to lead a company or manage people. At Boston City Campus, we believe our Postgraduate Diploma in Management will offer the adventurous and commercially minded leader a rich foundation from which to navigate this ‘brave new’ and emerging world.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Management is an NQF Level 8 qualification accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE). The qualification is geared towards developing intellectual and management capacity in such vital areas as operations and enterprise-wide risk management, corporate governance, global marketing, human capital and talent management, negotiation techniques, financial management, business research methods and quantitative skills.

Head of Institution, Dr Hendrik Botha, believes that “Management and industries across the spectrum are at a pivotal crossroads with the digitisation and intersection of the human-robotics interface of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Higher education must change how it designs programmes to navigate the disruption of a changing world of work. We maintain that the design of this qualification develops critical and creative thinking—two essential competencies for effectively steering and managing a business during an unprecedented crisis, and after.”

Cultivating capabilities in critical and creative thinking, the Postgraduate Diploma in Management recognises the importance of leadership development and seeks to contextualise business leadership and management styles within fluid contexts. Dr Botha notes further that the qualification is “set to develop the relevant advanced managerial skills needed to leverage the technologies of the digital era within our postgraduates, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), skills which become even more important as we move into remote working spaces.”

Boston’s Postgraduate Diploma in Management takes the current local and global contextual realities and challenges seriously. It offers students a significant space to think broadly and deeply about how to transform the workplace from a place of surviving to a place of thriving. Dr Botha maintains that “The Postgraduate Diploma in Management will offer students a penetrative and comprehensive understanding of the operational side of the business, especially for coping in turbulent times and with an emphasis on human development.” This comprehensive understanding is, according to Dr Botha, “underpinned by the development of strategic-general management and business acumen for effective and appropriate decision-making, as well as creative and critical thinking.” Students will be equipped with enabling competencies that will stand them in good stead locally, nationally and globally.

There remains a positive correlation between education level and obtaining employment. A postgraduate qualification such as Boston’s Postgraduate Diploma in Management puts you a step ahead of undergraduates.

Completing the Postgraduate Diploma in Management (NQF Level 8) will offer graduates interested in further study opportunities to enrol in a related Master’s programme (NQF Level 9) in the areas of commerce, general management, marketing management, or business administration. Dr Botha reminds us that “while graduates who complete the Postgraduate Diploma in Management are eligible for application to enrol in a Master’s programme at another higher education institution, the receiving institution will have its specific admission and selection criteria.”

A PG Dip is a serious investment in time and commitment. Invest one hour of your time right now and experience an unconventional approach to Postgraduate Management Education!

There are good reasons to consider the Postgraduate Diploma in Management, including:

  • A dramatic impact on your personalised career path with the inclusion of core commercial leadership skills that pave the way for higher management roles and thereby improving your employability;
  • The fluidity of present circumstances which amplifies the need for 4IR skills such as adaptability, creativity, complex problem solving, and flexibility all of which are developed during the Postgraduate Diploma in Management;
  • It provides a solid theoretical and practical foundation in advanced business and management strategies to maintain a competitive edge;
  • It refines your strategic thinking, critical thinking and decision-making, which are essential for results-driven productivity, change management and navigating the complex world-of-work; and,
  • It builds confidence in conducting research and mastering academic as well as business report writing and presentation.

To find out more call 011 551 9000, email info@boston.co.za or visit www.boston.ac.za

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