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A Student’s Letter to Boston

Hi Di

As discussed in person, it was so lovely to see you again after the birth of my little one, and catch up on the past few months we haven’t touched base. I was so excited to share with you my incredible experience with Boston, having mentioned this to my colleagues. My company has a strong focus on training and development of staff and have, beyond generously, invested in me to further my studies with Boston. They have given me an incredible opportunity to achieve my academic dreams of qualifying with a B Com Degree and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have selected to do this course with you.

Since work is funding my degree, I have had many conversations with and shared with my HR Department, and specifically my Training and Development Manager, about my fantastic experience I have had to study through Boston City Campus. I explained to her, when asked about my experience, how the communication, support, course content and just all-round professional and flexible structure of the courses are. The always-willing-to-help culture that I experience when dealing with yourself or anyone I have need to at your institute, has been so vital to my success as a student requiring extra support. The support and assistance I get from Boston are just phenomenal.

It is not an easy thing to take on, to study via correspondence, while juggling careers and family responsibilities already, with students like myself who have full time jobs, being a Mom and wife too, the incredible assistance from the Boston team and flexibility of everyone I have dealt with within Boston, has been the key aspect to me being able to go back to university again and achieve what I set my mind and heart to.

From the lecturers and educators, with clear guidelines, revision and preparations for exams, to the fantastic administrative staff and tools provided such as Colcampus allowing us as students to work and study from anywhere. These platforms enable me to communicate with fellow students and educators so easily. I really feel I have such a strong support system to get through this course while holding my other responsibilities. Boston is so organised, reliable, and well run, I always feel guided and informed.

My experience, coupled with the conversation we had in 2015, are my reasons for sharing how wonderful being a Boston student has been. Meeting you at the La Lucia Career Fair is the reason I even had the strength to consider the possibility to come back and be a student again at 34 years old. You made me believe I could. And now I wish to inspire my other colleagues to believe they too could further their studies. I think back to all those years ago when I met you, and even though it took me years to finally decide to do it, I enrolled last year, and look at today, where I have finished my first year as a B Com student and couldn’t be more grateful to you. I could have never done any of it without you, and the support of Annie, Serena and the wonderful staff of the Boston Umhlanga Support Centre, who have all been an integral part in the reason I completed my first year, and leave me inspired to continue to achieve my dreams.

Thank you Di, your encouragement and guidance to be the best I can be have truly changed my life and I feel I can take on the next few years as a student, employee, mom and wife, with the fantastic support and education I will receive from Boston. I can’t wait for the day we get to celebrate my graduation together. 😊

My sincerest regards and utmost gratitude to you always,

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