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A Students letter to Boston

Dear Janine

I trust you are doing well.

I would like to thank you andHaseenah the staff of the Boston City Campus Rosebank branch for all the support you have given to me over the years during my studies.

I highly appreciate the effort, guidance, and support. This has driven me every step of the way to ensure that I meet my own expectations and successfully complete my studies! I would definitely recommend the institute as the best in its class and amongst the new digital age of studying. Boston is well organised and structured, such as the finer detail in sending reminder timetables for exams or assignments to students…this helped me!

As a working mom with a family and being full time employed, I was quite anxious when I just started my studies…and wondered how I would cope with the pressure and stress of juggling everything and needless to say, my experience to date was awesome! The flexibility, online video tutorials, and support from tutors was excellent. Not only did this help me cope better, but it also gave me the discipline, drive, and motivation that I needed whenever I had to prepare for exams or complete an assignment. I managed my time more effectively, and this gave me the best structure and routine to work-life balance, raising a family, managing a busy career and educating myself by accomplishing my goals faster than anticipated! On a much more personal note, I have to thank you and your staff at the Boston Rosebank branch for always motivating me and giving me the telephonic support whenever I had queries during my studies! I felt that Boston was a part of my family!

Have a lovely festive season and holiday break!

Kind regards


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