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Helping more students to reach the finish line – Caster Semenya Foundation and Boston City Campus.

Announcement of partnership between the Caster Semenya Foundation and Boston City Campus.

Being a Higher Education Institution, Boston City Campus has a vision that includes improving the working lives of both those that are employed or not employed through a Higher Education offering appropriate for the person, the skills level and the intended career path. We have found that it is very difficult to encourage successful sport people to further their education, as at the time of success life seems to come very easily, money flows in, and they enjoy the fruits of their physical efforts. However, life has some bumps, unplanned for events, family circumstances – there is a range we have all felt the chaos brought by unplanned events in 2020.  It is for these reasons that Boston was thrilled to be approached by the Caster Semenya Foundation to be the education partner to the foundation. The Caster Semenya Foundation was established in 2016 with the aim of raising awareness, funds for selected campaigns, and making contributions to communities on a national level.  Having attained higher education herself, Caster Semenya has used her foundation to reach out and aid more learners to achieve their academic goals. “Being a successful sportsperson, people may think that one wouldn’t need Higher Education, but I know how important it is to be involved in your own finances, be able to question, be able to plan for your future, and be able to create different futures should the need arise. 2020 has shown us how important it is to be able to take advantage of new job opportunities, to be able to contribute to your own business or a corporate where you are employed, and to gain new skills in order to remain relevant. Our futures are uncertain, Higher Education gives us a step up the ladder for us to remain relevant in chaotic times” she says.

The foundation therefore set out to find an education partner, so that we could provide sponsorships in quality and accredited Higher Education to awardees that the Caster will select. Boston City Campus fit the criteria for this sponsorship for a number of reasons -they have a passion for education, they care about each individual student and the student’s success in a career and workplace, they have a national footprint that allows learners to remain home, save on residential costs, and continue to contribute to the home while studying. They moved seamlessly into a fully online institution when faced with a lockdown, and their learners continued the year with studies and assessments uninterrupted. Boston is so committed to their graduates that they have established a programme that is unique in the higher education fields, called Graduate+.  This programme hand holds students after graduation providing aspect of employment not usually provided to students. It includes….   They are both locally accredited and globally recognised, which has also become an important factor in gaining qualifications and being able to compete on a global playing field.  The Caster Semenya Foundation is proud to announce an education partnership with Boston City Campus. This will run over a multi-year period, with multiple bursaries awarded over this time, in the higher education arena.

We will monitor and coach the awardees as they progress through their education journey, and look forward to seeing these students graduate and continue to succeed.

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