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An in-depth interview with Mr Peter Hacker, junior educator at Boston City Campus and an international Master’s degree student!

An in-depth interview with Mr Peter Hacker, junior educator at Boston City Campus and an international Master’s degree student!


peter hackerMy journey at Boston started with the Diploma in Business Management, I then completed modules towards the final year of the Bachelor of Commerce degree; to accumulate more credits to pursue a higher qualification.

I chose Boston because of distance as well as self-paced learning. It is extremely beneficial allowing you to study and work at the same time, without having to sit in a lecture hall for 8 hours per day. Additionally, this approach brought me face-to-face with challenges that an individual would experience in the working world. For example, time management.

The Diploma suited my enthusiasm for Business Management. Additionally, I was made aware that the Higher Education Qualifications of Boston were recognised in North America and Europe, which made my choice an extremely blissful one. These kinds of accreditations are scarce in South Africa.

My previous schooling was mediocre at best, which will sit in the back of my mind for the rest of my life. I was not the student that I am today; putting in minimal effort. I was in two different high schools, but fortunately finished my high school career being given an opportunity to grow and express myself.

I wake up early to get to the office as soon as possible which allows me to get ahead of my work and respond to students as immediately. I am a student, and I understand the need for explanation and assistance in the shortest amount of time. I love my gym and the healthy body healthy mind aspect that it gives me, then I typically have an online lecture at 6:00 pm, do projects until midnight and sometimes have to wake up at around 02:00 am to attend a lecture or do a Q&A amongst our peer group, as we are from various time zones worldwide.

I love the international exposure I get from my current studies.  In both contexts of academia and perceptions of international peers, it allows for significant learning experiences and individuality, and provides me with enormous confidence.

My students drive me! I have had several interactions with students who have completed their qualification or who were just completely unsure of a specific topic or work relating to their module(s), and I provided them with sufficient clarification. The amount of joy that it brings me to know that one of my students has successfully completed his/her qualification is priceless. Or if they were able to complete an assignment where they once thought that it was impossible.

I believe that Boston is world-class when it comes to student support and interaction and genuine to its vision of enhancing, uplifting, and continuously improving the quality of education and training in Southern Africa.

Furthering one’s education can provide extensive knowledge of the ever-evolving world around us and develop yourself to accommodate the changing world. Additionally, my mother used to tell me that “Knowledge is the key to success,” which it truly is, as is a true reflection of myself. I also believe in continuous learning. It is like the great physicist Albert Einstein once said, “Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”

The international application process was an absolute breeze. It was enriching to receive my acceptance letter and knowing that the class was only limited to 40 individuals from across the globe.

It is very rare to find an institution in South Africa such as Boston, where students have the ability to be internationally recognised because of their qualification’s accreditation status. This gives students the ability to work internationally and transnationally.

Additionally, as the Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming into full-swing, and the covid19 pandemic only accelerating this process, the need for international business and corporate structure is at an all-time high. The borders that separate countries “magically” disappear once you hold an International qualification. The opportunities are endless.  Lastly, if you decided to stay in South Africa and hold an international qualification, your significance to employers is much higher than candidates with a local qualification.


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