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Congratulations 2020 Graduates!

While Covid19 may have diminished your time on the stage and our time at the podium, it certainly has not diminished the efforts that you have gone to get to this stage, today is YOUR GRADUATION! You have overcome even more obstacles than most, having lockdown and other challenges to face during your studies. We are reminded of the hashtag, so apt today, #TogetherWeShallOvercome. We have walked this journey with you and are proud to announce the Boston City Campus Higher Education Graduation, Class of 2020!

We know that this graduation may not be the graduation of your dreams, but we believe that with your perseverance you have shown, you will rise to the occasion and make the day memorable! Do not let this occasion pass by unmarked as a special and honourable day. Take the time and effort to be with friends and family in a safe and social distancing manner. Take your grad pics, and share them with us. The resilience you have displayed to get to your goals makes us so in awe of you our students. You are smart. You count. You are important. Go out there and make things happen! u00a0#Classof2020