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Boston undergraduate student to Boston Manager

Tanya De Matos shares her success story

Tanya De Matos started with Boston as an undergraduate student. After graduation she started working at Boston as sales Consultant and now manages the Bedfordview branch. Read below why she is a loyal Bostonite, and why she loves her job so much!

What was your experience like as a student at Boston?

My experience was one that I felt I belonged to an institution that cares about its students, you were not just another number added to the student body. Prof. Ari Katz the CEO used to always greet us in the corridors and ask how our studies were going which made you feel important and acknowledged. If you needed assistance it was readily available from lecturers and right through to the administration and accounts department. Natalie Rabson assisted me with my registration for my BA Psychology degree and she provided guidance and advice which contributed to where I am today.

What inspired your loyalty to Boston?

Boston is such a huge part of my life, because I studied both my degrees through them, I met my then husband during my 1st year of studies and after graduating I worked for Boston initially as a Sales Consultant and am now a Branch manager. It is an environment that feels like an “extended family” because so many staff members that I met when I was a student are still part of the Boston family which shows that they look after and invest in their staff and provide opportunities for growth and development. So my loyalty to Boston is both a personal and professional one.

What do you love about working at Boston?

I love my job and the fact that every day presents something new. It is so rewarding to meet students that initially have no direction and really don’t know what to study and after guiding them and registering them I am then able to see them excel and succeed and ultimately graduate and go on to be successful within a work environment .

How do you feel you are able to enrich the current students experience at Boston?

Having been a Boston student myself and with my years of experience with the company and my studies in psychology I have an understanding of how students feel and it is important to be able to identify with their anxieties and fears and therefore empathise with them whilst at the same time being able to guide and direct them with their choice of studies and how to stay focused. It’s important to know who your student is and what their short and long term goals are. For me an “open door policy” is so critical because you need to be available to students and provide them with an experience where they don’t only graduate from Boston with a theoretical knowledge but that they also take with them life skills and relationship building and this can only be achieved through communicating with them as much as possible.

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