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Voted Best College for 12 years running – here’s why!

Voted Best College for 12 years running – here’s why!

Deciding where and what to study are huge decisions, and at Boston we know that this decision can be quite daunting.

With over 100 different career paths, and 45 colleges, the success of Boston is shown in the high through-put rate achieved by the learners, and the high student satisfaction of students.  The unique training methodology initially employed by Boston provides equal and consistent learning opportunities for all learners, no matter their academic background. Boston’s offerings include:  Postgraduate; Higher Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees, short Learning Programmes; Succeed at short courses and basic entry level work based Occupational Qualifications

There are many factors to consider when you choose a place of Higher Learning. We like students to create their own check list of what is important to them from their higher education institution, take the list with to each institution and investigate if they can tick off the boxes and meet their needs! We believe these should include:

  • Flexibility of study options to include online so that no crisis will disrupt studies
  • A study ‘anywhere anytime’ approach that still allows access to contact centres for use of facilities, peer discussions, access to training advisors
  • Direct and personal access to lecturers to explain material
  • Convenient location to avoid costs of student res, and allow you to stay home and contribute to the family
  • Fees are important – so find out – are my text books included and if not, how much extra will they cost?  Can I make payment arrangements for fees?
  • Very important – is the degree or diploma accredited locally? And globally recognised? Will I be able to take my studies further both locally and internationally?
  • How will the institution help prepare me for the world of work, and what assistance is given?
  • What type of history does the institution have?

Why does Boston place value on international accreditation? Anyone aspiring for a career in the corporate domain needs to have a global mindset to get a career break in the current business industry. ‘International’ is a serious concept and buzzword in today’s marketplace. It is a highly valued aspect of ones CV. Even when you operate locally, it makes you that much more attractive to your local employers. Boston was awarded accreditation as an Independent Higher Education institution with the British Accreditation Council (BAC). Boston is also a candidate for accreditation of specific programmes with the ACBSP (Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programmes), United States of America.

Boston uses a blended learning approach using technology, training advisors and educators. All Boston Higher Education and occupational qualifications are accessible online, allowing students to easily study from home/work, or at a support centre. While distance learning traditionally involved sending the learner a set of books, Boston preferred a different approach and curated online lectures in order to teach and explain text, and give over personal industry experience from the lecturers. This raises the academic success rate of students. Boston students can personally contact their lecturers should they wish.

Boston prepares students for work – it’s that simple. Whether as a business owner, an entrepreneur or an employee. The Graduate+ Programme is part of the Boston ethos of putting our students at the centre of our educational offering. Boston provides a personalised learning experience, meeting the educational and work environment needs of each student. The Graduate+ programme offers students a guarantee that should they not find work within 6 months of graduation, Boston will assist them through the CV programme in training of CV building and job interview techniques, attempt to place them in employment and/or provide them with a higher qualification for free,

Experience has shown that matching interests to a chosen career vastly increases academic and employment success. Therefore, the Career Compass was developed in order to ensure an appropriate match between interest and work. Academic as well as workplace success soars, when you are studying or working with what you love. With results available immediately from the online assessment, you can be applying for the most appropriate career within one hour!

See www.boston.ac.za, call 011 551 2000.

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