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Message from Industry:


Our staff who attend Boston are on lockdown at the moment, and there is no way of communicating with them.  I am speaking on behalf of them.

I would just like to nominate one of your branch Managers Mrs. Cathy Visser, Germiston what a phenomenal woman who really goes the extra mile, her dedication and ability to assist is of the highest standard and is a real asset to your Company.

We took all our students away from another institution because of poor service, this was one of the best moves I have ever made.   Thanks to Cathy Visser/Tiny.

All our sponsored students are now in the care of your organisation as well as the Kempton Park branch,  (TINY) and are doing extremely well.

Thank you for the awesome service and high standard of training,  you are really the best.


Lucette Foster

APE Pumps



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