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Student Wellness Module

“Dear Robyn,

I trust this email finds you well,

I am sending this email as a student of Boston City Campus. I would just like to take this opportunity to applaud you and to thank you for your inspiration and guidance through the Student Wellness module on COLCampus.

I am writing 2 exams on Friday, and I gave myself minimal time to study, and today, I started feeling the stress, anxiety and the pressure for my upcoming exams.

I looked to the Student Wellness module for some inspiration and peace of mind, and I cannot be more satisfied after reading some of your announcements.

I would just like to thank you for the amount of effort and consideration that you put into the module for the benefit of the students.

It truly shows that we at Boston care about our students, and it’s an absolute honor to be able to read something like that from a student’s perspective, and being able to guide students to those announcements from an Educators’s perspective.

You are awesome!

Thank you!

Have a lovely evening further,

Kind regards,

Student P”

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