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Holly Rey to register at Boston City Campus and Business College!

Holly Rey to register at Boston City Campus and Business College!

Holly Rey, chart-topper, producer, artist, and all-round hard-worker has decided to register at Boston City Campus and Business College for the Music Production Course. “Yes, I am excited particularly since the qualification will add such huge value to my career and ability as a producer and artist”, she says.  “I will add “Producer” to my artist profile!”

Holly Rey’s ‘Deeper’, a compelling Afro-House track streaked to Number One on every major radio chart. In the build-up to the SAMAs, the video for ‘Deeper’ smashed through 5.5 million views. Meanwhile, Holly was in the studio working on ‘You’, another irresistible love song building on the momentum of ‘Deeper’.

This artist is dedicated, filled with perseverance and not scared of hard work!  At the annual South African Music Awards, Holly Rey says, “I sat there with no idea what was about to happen”. “Record of the year is decided by the public through votes. It could have gone either way.”  ‘Deeper’ was named in the top spot.

She was the first female artist to win this accolade in 20 years. “It was especially gratifying to be the first woman to win this award in 20 years “I am grateful to every single fan who voted for me.”

Holly Rey is not scared of hard work – her dedication and efforts have led to  her having just been certified platinum by the Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA) – ‘Deeper’ had just snatched the most prestigious award in the SA Music constellation, and streaked past 6 million views on YouTube within the days of the announcement.  With all this going on, how will she fit in her studies? “I managed to record my first House Album in my matric year, record and release singles as well as tour while I was doing both my undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications. The fact that this course is online will enable me to study on the go. I will be able to work in hotel rooms and airports, whenever and wherever I can find the time. I will be doing the qualification with one of my dancers and we will put together a movie studio so we can work on the run. It will probably help me with my upcoming project. “

When asked what character traits enabled her to become such a trailblazer – Holly Rey responds: “Fearlessness.  I am not afraid to stand up for my creative vision and I have found a way to be firm without being pushy or “difficult” as most female artists with their own vision and plans are often labeled. I am an incredibly hard worker and I have found that hard work is the only key to success. Hard work beats talent when talent does not work”

She also believes that women can be industry leaders.  “Have the confidence to put yourself out there. You will find that you are surrounded by men who have had more opportunities to exercise and hone their skills. Do not let it intimidate you. Approach everything with an open mind and a boundless need to learn and grow. Take the criticism and use it to build a strong foundation. Keep on keeping on. You will get stronger and better at your craft with every twist and turn.”

A firm believer in the power of education, Holly Rey graduated from UKZN with an Honours Degree in Cultural Communications and Media Studies. Holly Rey maintains the belief in self-development. Her success has earned her a bursary to study at the Boston City Campus Soul Candi Institute of Music.

While some parents may be concerned sending off students into the music industry to seek a career, Holly Rey advises, “To the parents, I say “stop it”. Stop undermining the power of the creative industry to provide a happy healthy space for your kids to prosper. The industry has evolved so much and creatives are able to own their power in the industry. Empower your creative kids to gain the knowledge they need to be business people in the industry.  To the students, I say “do not chase fame”. If you come into this industry wanting to be famous it will eat you alive. The predators will see you as prey. Come into this industry because you want to be the best at what you do. Come into this industry because you want to constantly grow, improve your craft and become a person who contributes to our cultural and creative economy. I paid for my entire degree and postgraduate degree through music. This is a business. Learn the business, respect the business and you will prosper.”

Holly Rey is the executive producer of her new project which will be independently released. She also owns all of her own music. Holly Rey is not only one of a handful of female record label owners but we also saw her record label, Holly Music owning a large percentage of the radio RAMS in 2018 and now in 2019.   Holly Rey finishes, saying, “Never underestimate the power of hard work. There is no such thing as luck. Hard work will get you anywhere you want to go.  For 10 years I had people telling me I did not belong and I would never make it. My belief was stronger than their doubt. Believe. “



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