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Boston’s Graduate+ Programme aims to further job placement security for graduates

Boston’s Graduate+ Programme aims to further job placement security for graduates

Known for its innovation and high academic standards, Boston City Campus and Business College is introducing a new first in tertiary education in South Africa.

As one of South Africa’s leading academic institutions, Boston City Campus and Business College focuses on a well-rounded education, both academically and practically.

From January 2019, Boston students will be further supported through the introduction of the new Graduate+ Programme.  This innovative programme emphasises the confidence that Boston and the market have placed in the high quality of its qualifications. Because of this, Boston guarantees that the Boston graduate:


  1.       Will find employment;


  1.       Boston will provide assistance in helping the student to find employment;


  1.       Boston will provide complementary further studies to enhance the graduate’s employability;


  1.       Boston will provide the graduate with R50,000.


“The Graduate+ Programme is part of the Boston ethos of putting our students at the centre of our educational offering. We want our students to know that they are supported through the entire process of getting a qualification. From the first day of their studies right through to completion and finding a job, Boston will support the student to ensure that he/she has the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitude to tackle the market and be equipped for the 4th Industrial revolution,” says Boston CEO Ari Katz, who believes in providing a personalised learning experience, meeting the educational and work environment needs of each student.

This is facilitated through top academic instruction, accompanied by the opportunity to develop practical skills by exposing students to real workplace environments, enabling students to differentiate themselves in the competitive workplace market.

To this end, the institution’s rigorous academic programmes are reinforced by a combination of academic support and experience in the corresponding industry through Boston’s dynamic Work Integrated Learning Programme.

“Students need to be equipped with workplace skills.  Applying their academic knowledge in a real-life context gives them a practical learning environment to do just that,” says Katz about the practical programme, which also teaches students how to go out there and get a job in their particular industry.

Students are kept informed about the latest developments in their particular field, both from their studies and through their workplace opportunities.

Additionally, because the academic institution’s exacting standards are in line with international educational requirements, Boston has been accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC). This provides students with a gateway to studies at international institutions and work opportunities.

For these reasons, Boston’s confidence in their courses is such that qualifications are now underpinned by the Graduate+ Programme, as further support to assist students in succeeding in the workplace.

This is a unique offering and the very first of its kind in Southern Africa!

Eligible Boston graduates will have to meet the necessary academic criteria and ensure that they pass each year, completing their qualification in the requisite time frame.

“Boston qualifications aim to produce individuals who have an education and are also job-ready”, explains Katz. “Graduates are prepared with training that puts them in a position to walk straight out of their studies and into a job.  Our focus is on incorporating Work Integrated Learning into all degrees and higher education, enabling our students to develop the necessary skills,” says Katz about the programme, which is geared to help students secure employment and achieve financial independence. To this end, Boston also offers courses in financial independence to all students at no extra cost.

“The new Graduate+ Programme is a further investment in our students’ futures. We are very excited to offer the programme as a testament to our confidence in the standard of Boston qualifications,” says Katz.

“We want our students to know that they are supported throughout their studies.  They can rest assured in their future security of finding employment and achieving financial independence after graduating from our tertiary institution,” concludes the Boston CEO.

Contact the Boston Call centre on 011 551 2000, visit www.boston.ac.za

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